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Our latest Pet of the Week loves his new toy duck we sent over. I think it might be bigger than he is.

Pet Health Central

Do your pets lift your spirit and enrich your life? Sergeant’s and the Human-Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) are spreading the word that pets make our lives better! Find out more HERE:




Embracing the Human-Animal Bond

As an animal lover and pet parent to two dogs, I can confidently say that fur babies have a positive impact on my health. The bond that we have is strong. We walk and run together, they actively and empathetically listen to the rundown of my day and they make me laugh. All in all my dogs lift my spirit and enrich my life. Did...  

The Fascinating History of Feline Domestication

There’s no doubt that cats are the world’s leading companion animal. Their domestic history — which includes curling up on our laps and weaving between our legs — has continued to fascinate scientists, historians and geneticists for generations. Unlike other domestic animals such as dogs and horses, the cat is self-domesticated. Its history shows that cats chose to live in close proximity to people and not the...  

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