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Dr. Tony discusses some pet safety precautions during Poison Prevention Awareness Month.

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SENTRY GOOD Behavior Stop That! Spray stops unwanted behavior and redirects your pet's attention.




Global Warming and Ticks: A Growing Threat

If you think of animals affected by climate change, your first thought might be of polar bears. These massive predators are among the top contenders of those affected by rising world-wide temperatures. But a number of species are believed to be affected. One of those is much closer to home and poses a bigger threat to you and your family. Thousands of times smaller than...  

Take Steps to Prevent a Pet Poisoning Today

As an ER veterinarian, interesting cases are never in short supply. Some are tragic, some are heroic, but there’s never a dull day. Poisoning is a common reason for pets to make a trip to their local veterinary ER. In this blog post, I’ll discuss and give you tips on: Some of the more common poisonings that pets encounter How to pet safe your home...  

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