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Why are wellness checkups important for both cats and dogs? Find out now ---->




10 Reasons to Love a Mutt

Let’s be honest. There are many reasons to love a mutt. We originally came up with 80, but thought that was a bit much. Our pets make our lives whole whether they are pure bred, mixed bred or just wonderful bred! When considering adoption or just appreciating the beautiful pets you already have, take a moment to think about what makes your sweetheart special. I...  

The Importance of Wellness Checkups

I first wrote about wellness checkups for both cats and dogs after attending a American Veterinary Medical Conference (AVMA) in San Diego. It’s a wonderful opportunity to eavesdrop on the veterinary world, get the latest facts and figures and sit in on interesting workshops. Every five years, AVMA produces a well-researched Pet Demographic Sourcebook. It’s a highly respected tome and, in fact, the U.S. Census Bureau...  

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